Marc Hodak is founder of Hodak Value Advisors, a corporate advisory firm specializing in corporate performance measurement, executive compensation, and related governance issues for investors, boards, and senior managers. Hodak Value Advisors maintains a strong relationship with the institutional investor community, and generates extensive research into the impact of compensation structures on shareholder value and investment data used by asset managers.

In his twenty-one years as a consultant, Marc has developed or reviewed financial management and compensation practices at over a hundred firms around the world, both public and private, in diverse industries such as manufacturing, consumer products, energy, financial services, technology, telecommunications and transportation.

While most consultants can talk about common practice as “best practice,” our distinctive ability to tailor measures and incentives for our clients gives them a uniquely powerful source of competitive advantage. Our clients outperform their sector peers.

Whether you’re a director looking to enhance motivation and accountability, an owner trying to nurture a sense of partnership, or a senior executive looking for dramatic improvement in capital efficiency, we insure that your organization’s incentives and constraints make sense for everyone.

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